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Cabrini Green Tutoring Program Changes Name

Cabrini Green Tutoring Program is excited to announce the evolution of our name as well as our organization. This summer, we are changing our name to Tutoring Chicago. Since 1965, the organization has supported children from Cabrini Green and the Near North areas. More recently, we expanded our reach to other areas of the city, remaining committed to providing free one to one tutoring for economically disadvantaged children.

On a practical level, the new name is accessible, simple to say and easy to remember. Similar to our old brand name, this one also defines what we do directly and states whom we serve. The new name also enables us to elevate our target market to include local neighborhoods beyond Cabrini Green while remaining positioned as a nonprofit, community-oriented organization.

As our name evolves, so has our organization. Tutoring Chicago now has locations in both Lincoln Park and Logan Square several nights a week. Approximately 300 children made their way to our sites this school year to meet weekly with their volunteer tutors. We look to serve even more children for 2012-13 with expanded services at both locations.

EPIC Commitment and Quality

Tutoring Chicago (the name and brand) is the result of eight weeks of commitment from highly creative volunteers through EPIC (Engaging Philanthropy Inspiring Creatives). EPIC gives creative people a chance to use their talent for social good.We cannot thank them enough for their wonderful work. This team of volunteers from the fields of art, advertising, marketing and design collaborated weekly to help us become a highly recognizable brand with quality materials that can propel us to our next fifty years…as Tutoring Chicago.

Tutoring Chicago T-Shirts
The Vanity Project has once again helped created high quality, vintage-looking t-shirts to help promote our organization and our new name.Started by one of our former tutors Jason Sochol, the The Vanity Projectcollaborates exclusively with non-profit organizations to produce stylish and high-end clothing based on their logos. With 51% of the proceeds from every sale going directly back to the organization featured, each purchase includes a significant donation to a charitable cause. What do you stand for? Add a little purpose to your wardrobe and help build awareness for the causes you care about. Peace, love and philanthropy.

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