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Tutor Peggy and Student Janet hanging out at Cafe Babareeba - their reward for completing all of the Life Skills together in 2013.As part of our look back on Tutoring Chicago’s 50-year history, we are collecting stories and photos from our current and former students, parents, and tutors. We’d love to hear your favorite story or see your favorite photo from your time with Tutoring Chicago!

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Tutor Maria P.

62106_491702407539767_15807765_nI’ve been volunteering with Tutoring Chicago for more than 3 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it! I’ve worked with my student during this time and have watched her improve her reading and math skills since we began working together 3 years ago. She helps bring perspective to my life that is much appreciated and I’m grateful for along with jokes and laughter. I recommend Tutoring Chicago to anyone who wants to be involved in the community and has a passion for education.

Amanda, Angela, Gabriel, Grandma

Amanda, Angela, Gabriel, GrandmaI am a single mother of a college student and a fourth grader. I did in my life time take some college but I did not go very far. Fast forward 20 years and now the kids are my only focus. My daughter did very well on her own I wish I had known about TC before; but better late then never. In 2012 I suffered a series of brain bleeds that could have caused me my life; thankful I am here but I am often no able to help my son with his homework because my memory and motor skills have been effected by this issue. Tutoring Chicago has allowed my son to have another positive role model in his life, his tutor Lucy, given him the change to bridge between grades and excel in reading, he is currently reading above his reading level. Without Tutoring Chicago I do not know where we would be. I am blessed to have them and many other resources such as Horizons for Youth wish directed me to the school and it’s program.

2008 Tutoring Chicago Christmas Party

2008 Tutoring Chicago Christmas PartyVolunteering with Tutoring Chicago was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. If I hadn’t been a tutor, I never would have met one of my good friends, Ronnie. I tutored every Monday night from 2005 to 2012, and for the last four years I tutored Ronnie. It was amazing to work with Ronnie and to see the progress he made from third grade through sixth grade, both academically and socially. Ronnie is now getting ready to start his freshman year of high school, and I know that being a part of Tutoring Chicago has helped prepare him for success in high school.

Tutor Peggy and Student Janet hanging out at Cafe Babareeba

Tutor Peggy and Student Janet hanging out at Cafe Babareeba - their reward for completing all of the Life Skills together in 2013.One of the coolest things I’ve gone to as a tutor is the Life Skills dinner. Not everyone gets to go – only those students and tutors who complete a set of Life Skills activities throughout the year. The activities include ordering from a menu, writing a thank you letter, and leaving a voice mail message, among other activities. It’s not the kind of thing you can leave until the last day of tutoring. The tutor and student have to make a plan together early in the year and commit to doing the activities over many weeks. To do the whole set of activities takes hard work, perseverance and sometimes a little bravery too. Some of the activities are really fun, and the students learn some new skills that they can carry with them into their everyday lives. The reward at the end is awesome – lots of really good food and a fun night out to dinner with friends from tutoring!

A Great Photo of my Buddy Chauncey!

A Great Photo of my Buddy Chauncey!I read through my buddy Chauncey’s assessment and saw the suggestion that we spend about 8 minutes on Math skills. So, I got out my handy dandy laptop, and Alex got us online and I introduced Chauncey to Kahnacademy. I could see that Chauncey was skittish about numbers… but so was I when I was his age! Somehow, Sal’s process and his easy going manner and real love for the Math world won Chauncey over. We spent more than the suggested time on the website and I finally asked if we should let Sal rest. Chauncey nodded his head and carefully closed the laptop (Technical skill points are racking up) and the we went to get his book on Coral Reefs. He knows EXACTLY where we left off from the week before!

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