LIT Volunteer Consent Form

Tutoring Chicago is confirming and gathering more information from our volunteers in order to solidify the logistics of your participation in the digital program this fall. Please complete the following form by August 28th to allow Tutoring Chicago to best coordinate the delivery of tutoring between you and your student. You must complete the form even if you have already received a confirmation email from your site manager.

**Please read the information below and respond to each question, indicating that you understand and accept the logistics related to your participation as a volunteer. 

**As a reminder, due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and current limitations to gathering in large groups, Tutoring Chicago will start the 2020-2021 program year 100% digital**

Tutor and student pairs will have different time options for participating in digital (remote online) tutoring sessions this fall. Please read through the following logistics and select the most appropriate options for you.

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