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    Education is empowering.

Tutoring Chicago delivers the power of education through one-to-one tutoring.

We believe that through one-to-one relationships with supportive tutors, students facing economic barriers can access brighter futures. Our mission, programs and delivery are centered in these values.

We believe that all children regardless of economics, race, cultural background, gender identity or neighborhood are valuable, capable of greatness and have the right to the following:

Tutoring Chicago Pencil
Diverse representation
Tutoring Chicago Pencil
Exposure to knowledge
Tutoring Chicago Pencil
Secure sense of belonging
Tutoring Chicago Pencil
Accessible learning environments

Since 1965, Tutoring Chicago has dedicated its mission to delivering the power of education to children facing economic barriers through one-to-one tutoring and high-quality programming that is not only academic, but developmental and reflective.

Our vision is a brighter future for all of Chicago’s children.  

Our Commitments

Tutoring Chicago is committed to being a safe, inclusive and equitable learning space for all. This is our responsibility as an organization and as citizens to create an environment not clouded by racism and other systemic inequities.

The safety and health of our students, volunteers and neighbors is paramount to healing and growing as a community. We are committed to sharing resources, ideas and support towards our long-standing vision of brighter futures for all of Chicago’s children.

These commitments include greater representation of diversity among our volunteers,
staff and boards; authentic community engagement that positively impacts neighborhood residents; and improved efforts to continue educating ourselves.

Our History

Beginning in 1965 as Cabrini Green Tutoring Program by a group of Montgomery Ward employees, the organization has helped thousands of students in elementary school grow both personally and academically through weekly one-to-one tutoring sessions with high-quality adult volunteers.