Tutoring Associate Board (TAB)

The TAB is a junior board comprised of dedicated veteran volunteers, whose intent is to support the mission of Tutoring Chicago. The TAB serves as leaders of each classroom, supporting the volunteer population. They also assist with fundraising, event planning, and communication.

The Tutoring Associate Board (TAB)
  • Mark Joyner, President¬†

  • Yaqoota Aziz,¬†Treasurer

  • Sanjana Shah, Secretary

  • Elizabeth Andreas

  • Elena Caminer

  • Maddie Furrer

  • Hannah Glick

  • Harrison Harada

  • Karley King

  • Kailiee Kozicki

  • Benjamin Levy

  • Christina Liou

  • Kate Ma

  • Maggie McNelis

  • Roy Morgan

  • Lillian Reyes

  • Anna Rodriguez

  • Kathleen Shanahan

  • Sam Sherman

  • Megan Sorey

  • Lucia Stumbras

  • Logan Wolfe

  • Sara Zablotney

  • Jenny Zhang

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