Volunteer Tutor Application 2020-2021

Tutoring Chicago is a free one to one tutoring program for students in grades 1-7. 

Due to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak and current limitations to gathering in large groups, Tutoring Chicago has decided to start the 2020-2021 program year 100% digital. We will continue to monitor the situation and stay in accordance with local guidelines for group gatherings. 

It is our hope and expectation that we will continue in-person tutoring as soon as is safe and allowable. 

Tell us about yourself!

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Note: Some of our students need help with homework in Spanish or have parents who speak only Spanish.

If you are enrolled as a student, type "STUDENT"

If enrolled as a student, name the institution

please use an email you check regularly

include apt/unit #

Where/when would you like to volunteer?

Tutoring Chicago has two programs.

In SMART Tutoring, volunteers provide homework help to students in grades 1-7 and support in the areas of social skills, math, accountability, reading, and technology. A plethora of resources are made available including worksheets, flashcards, educational games, and books.

In Literacy Intensive Tutoring (LIT), volunteers follow a structured reading curriculum with students in grades 1-7. Students and tutors work on letters and sounds, sight words, word recognition, writing, and reading leveled books. 

Tutors paired with 4th-6th grade students:

  1. Weekly Hosted: Tutoring Chicago will host a session for you and your student to attend on your assigned night from 6:15 - 7:45 pm via zoom every week. 
  2. Monthly Hosted: Tutors have the option to coordinate with their student’s parent to participate in tutoring for a day and time that works best for both parties for the first 3 weeks of each month and attending a hosted session from 6:15-7:45 during the last week of the month. This is only an option for returning tutors. If you are a new tutor, you will be hosted weekly.


Where/when would you like to volunteer? 

Due to the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak and current limitations to gathering in large groups, Tutoring Chicago has decided to start the 2020-2021 program year 100% digital. We will continue to monitor the situation and stay in accordance with local guidelines for group gatherings. Once it is safe to do so, we will re-open our sites for in-person tutoring. 

Once in-person tutoring is able to resume, there will be an option to continue connecting digitally with your student for volunteers who wish to remain 
digital after our sites re-open.

Every volunteer will be assigned a night and a site, if you must remain digital, you will be assigned to the site your student attends.

SMART is offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at all four locations. 

LIT is offered on Tuesday and Wednesday at our Lincoln Park, Logan Square locations. 

Please choose your location and night below based on where you would like to volunteer once in-person tutoring resumes. 
Tutoring will be offered at four locations around the city of Chicago as soon as in person tutoring resumes. Tutoring Chicago will do its best to accommodate first choice sites and night choices, but will not be able to in all cases. Below we ask you to provide your first choice of site as well as any site you would consider attending. 

St. Vincent dePaul Center - Lincoln Park - 2145 N Halsted St
Goethe Elementary - Logan Square - 2236 N Rockwell St
Hope Learning Academy  - Near West/West Loop - 1628 W Washington Blvd
XS Tennis and Education Foundation - Greater Hyde Park - 5336 S State St. 

Volunteers attend one day every week.
All tutoring sessions are in the evening and range from 60-90 minutes. Specific times will be assigned in September. 

Tutoring Chicago will do its best to accommodate first choice nights, but will not be able to in all cases. Below we ask you to provide your first choice of night as well as any night you would consider attending. 

Room leaders are veteran tutors that volunteer to lead their assigned rooms throughout the year. During in person tutoring, alongside tutoring, they are tasked with assisting our Site Managers, leading monthly room leader meetings, working with the Associate Board to improve classroom cohesion, and offering to help tutor students whose tutors are absent. 

During Digital tutoring, room leaders will be responsible for assisting Site Managers to maintain room cohesion digitally. 


Digital Permission during COVID-19
Due to the need to practice social distancing in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, I understand that the Tutoring Chicago program will start off as a digital program in the fall of 2020. I understand this means that I will be expected to connect digitally with my assigned student through video conferencing, working on academic enrichment on a weekly basis until the in-person tutoring program can resume.

I recognize that Tutoring Chicago will provide a schedule, guidance, resources and best practices for these sessions. I understand that it is my responsibility as a tutor to communicate with my student’s parent/guardian to facilitate any digital contact between myself and my student. 

I understand that tutor and student contact should be limited to their tutoring sessions. No connections or communications should take place in-person until facilitated by Tutoring Chicago. 

Unless otherwise indicated within this application, I understand that once the in-person tutoring program resumes, that I am expected to attend weekly tutoring sessions at my assigned site on my assigned night.

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Orientation and Training
New tutors must attend an orientation session before volunteering. Orientation sessions will be scheduled beginning in August and throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 
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Volunteer Attendance
Consistency and reliability are key to a successful tutoring experience. Excessive absences and/or a deteriorating commitment on the part of tutors can affect a child in a manner adverse to the goals and mission of Tutoring Chicago. In the case that a tutor will be absent, he/she is responsible for notifying the program and arranging a substitute within their classroom.
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Contact Information
Tutoring Chicago uses tutors' email addresses and phone numbers to send weekly reminders, monthly newsletters, and other program announcements. Active tutors are expected to remain subscribed to emails and read them. Tutoring Chicago shares tutors' email addresses with parents and teachers as requested to help create a dialogue and support the students. We do not share your information with any other groups unless specifically related to tutoring (e.g. tutors in your classroom or partner tutors).
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Media Release
Tutoring Chicago often takes photos and videos during tutoring or related events. As a volunteer, your image in a photo or video may end up on our website, social media channels, brochures, or other publications in connection with Tutoring Chicago for publicity or fundraising without requiring further approval.I understand Tutoring Chicago will not publicize my name without advanced approval. 
initial here *if you would not like your photos used, please type "N/A"
Background Check
I hereby give TUTORING CHICAGO my consent to review criminal or public records for any record of arrest or conviction concerning offenses that may affect my eligibility to volunteer. All tutors must complete and submit a background check form on an annual basis. New tutors will be sent a request via Verified Volunteers after completing orientation.
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Please list one professional reference

Off-site Contact
TUTORING CHICAGO neither encourages nor endorses in-person, off-site independent contact and activities between tutors and students. If such relationships and/or activities are to take place independent of a tutoring session, TUTORING CHICAGO is not responsible for accidents and/or incidents arising from such events.
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In consideration of being permitted to participate, I do hereby waive and release TUTORING CHICAGO and all affiliates, directors, employees and volunteers from any and all claims of injuries, including death, property damage or loss, which may occur on account of participation in the program, including field trips and special events.
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I am willing to volunteer at TUTORING CHICAGO for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year based on my preferences. I am able to make this commitment to the child I am matched with. In the event that I am unable to continue volunteering, I will notify a Tutoring Chicago staff member as soon as possible.
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Tutoring Chicago’s privacy policy can be viewed here. I Understand and agree to Tutoring Chicago’s privacy policy.
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