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Tutor Applications are CLOSED for the 2016-2017 school year.

Stay Informed

Interested tutors are encouraged to sign up to stay informed about when our 2017-2018 tutor applications will open up. In the meantime, if you would like to help out, here are some of our needs:

  • Chaperone at the Life Skills dinner (April)
    Students work on life skills (like introducing yourself) all year and those who complete the most get invited to a fancy dinner at a real restaurant.
  • Supervise games or serve food at the annual picnic (May)
    We need about 50 volunteers on Saturday, May 20.
  • Volunteer recruitment (May-Sept.)
    Join our street team! Come to street fairs. Put up flyers. Speak at businesses.
  • Skill-based volunteer project (any time)
    We need help with marketing & social media, photos & videos, technology including databases, and more.


Tutoring Chicago matches volunteers one-to-one with children in grades 1-6.

Tutoring is offered at three locations.

  • St. Vincent de Paul Center, 2145 N Halsted St. (Lincoln Park)
  • Goethe Elementary School, 2236 N Rockwell St. (Logan Square)
  • Hope Institute Learning Academy, 1628 W Washington Blvd. (Near West Side)

The tutoring year begins in September and ends in May. TUTORS ARE ENCOURAGED TO REGISTER BY EARLY SEPTEMBER; however, we do accept volunteer applications on a rolling basis through January if needed.

Tutoring sessions are from 6:00-7:30pm. Tutors are expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the session.


Tutoring Chicago has two programs.

In SMART tutoring, volunteers provide homework help to students in grades 1-6 and support in the areas of social skills, math, attitude, reading, and technology. A plethora of resources are made available including worksheets, flash cards, educational games, and books.

In Literacy Intensive Tutoring (LIT), volunteers follow a very structured reading program with students in grades 1-4. After the completion of a reading lesson, tutors work on specific reading and writing activities that meet the needs of their students.


Tutoring Chicago makes matches in three different ways.

One-on-One (1:1) – Meet weekly with your assigned student. This preference requires weekly commitment to the child. It is the most common option.

Two-on-One (2:1) – Two tutors are assigned to one student. One tutor attends each week. The tutors communicate with each other to work out a schedule. The commitment is essentially every other week.

Two-on-Two (2:2) – Two tutors are assigned to two students and meet weekly. When one tutor is absent, the remaining tutor works with both students. This is a common choice for friends or spouses who want to volunteer together.

One-on-two (1:2) – One tutor is assigned to two students and meet weekly. At the start of the year, we often have a surplus of students. We ask some tutors to work with two students (for up to 10 weeks) each while we recruit and train more volunteers

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